API Reference

You can also check Paymongo's Official Documentation.

Payment Methods

A PaymentMethod resource describes which payment method was used to fulfill a payment. It is used with a PaymentIntent to collect payments.

Payment Intents

A PaymentIntent resource is used to track and handle different states of the payment until it succeeds.


A Source is a resource to generate your customer's payment instrument. This is normally used to generate check out URLs for e-wallet payments. To learn more about e-wallet integrations, you can visit GCash or GrabPay integration.


A Payment resource is an attempt by your customer to send you money in exchange for your product. This is a reference to an amount that you are expecting to receive if a payment resource with paid status becomes a part of a payout. If the payment status is failed, you can determine the reason for failure.


A Webhook resource primarily refers to a certain URL where we send events that are happening from your account. You can check our GCash and GrabPay integrations to find out some good use cases for webhooks.